Michigan Office Printer Repairs

Printers are incredibly important to your day to day operations; when they go down it can cause your entire office to be at a standstill. With one call to Image Business Solutions, your machine can be back up and running, getting you back to work.

Repair Services

Malfunctioning equipment is not only frustrating, it can also hinder the productivity of your office. Don't hesitate to call. Our technicians, at Image Business Solutions, are available to analyze, diagnose, and repair your machines as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Office Printer Repair Process

  • Initial Phone Call: If you believe your equipment is not performing correctly, immediately call the number printed on your device. Our team of experts will analyze your issue and attempt to troubleshoot directly over the phone.
  • Remote Assist: If we are unable to find the cause of your issues, our technicians have the ability to remote into your system. This allows your printers, fax machines, MFPs, and more to be fixed quicker and more efficiently. Instead of waiting on a service call, remote assist allows us to get your machine up and running faster.
  • On-Site Repairs: For issues that require an in-person analysis, we will schedule an on-site repair with one of our experienced technicians. They will take the time to analyze, diagnose, and repair the malfunction hindering your equipment.

For our service plan members, your service is covered by your warranty, keeping your machine operating at the manufacturer's specifications for the lifetime of your contract. This bumper to bumper service includes all your supplies, charged labor, and adjustments. Without a contract, you still have access to all our reliable repair solutions and services for an hourly fee.

We are dedicated to bringing our customers best-in-class equipment. When that equipment breaks down, our repair teams are available to diagnose and service as quickly as possible. Call or contact us today for experienced Michigan printer repair services.