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Gone are the days of hovering over a machine collecting pages, making sure no one intercepts sensitive documents. It’s time your business goes paperless with cloud faxing. At Image Technology, our best-in-class cloud faxing services allow files to come straight to a fax inbox, ready to be viewed by an individual or team at any time with the click of a mouse. As a result, your business will save time, money, and costs on paper usage by sending and receiving faxes on the go via email.

Is Cloud Faxing Right For My Business?

Every organization has varying fax requirements. Whether you need one or multiple fax lines, our skilled technicians will ensure our cloud faxing services fulfill the exact needs of your business, without hurting your pocket. Cloud faxing provides numerous advantages, including:

  • Fax Anytime, Anywhere: Securely send or receive faxes from computers, email, and mobile devices without having to face the hassle of busy signals from phone lines.

  • Lower Costs: Eliminate excess paper in your business and receive easy access to efficient faxing without the cost of toner, paper, or a phone line.

  • Keep Content Secure: Ensure confidential information is not left lying around the office for all eyes to see. Your business will save or retrieve faxes directly from your secure cloud environment.

  • Reduce Headaches: Avoid busy signals and frustrating paper jams with cloud faxing. Without the need to maintain any faxing software or hardware, you never have to worry about downtime again.

  • Full Audit Trail: Gain access to secure faxing. Our technicians can see an audit of every staff member who has sent or received a fax, ensuring HIPAA compliance and safety for confidential information.

What Is GoldFax?

Are you looking for enterprise fax server functionality at a small business price? GoldFax is your ultimate solution for fax delivery. By eliminating the limitations of conventional faxing, your business is able to significantly improve document productivity and compliance, all while reducing your operational costs. With the ability to integrate with any telephone environment, any email, and any document and content management system, your organization can easily reap the benefits of the most efficient and flexible business fax solution on the market.

At Image Technology, our team of IT experts believe all businesses should have access to the simplicity, security, reliability, and flexibility of cloud faxing. Send, receive, digitally sign, and manage faxes beautifully with our cloud faxing solutions. Request a free consultation today!

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