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Your customers entrust your business with their sensitive and personal information, from bank accounts to social security numbers, and everything in between. Ensuring this confidential information is discarded correctly is not only essential to the protection of their identity, but for your business. With Image Technology as your IT partner, our variety of office shredders will meet the demands of your applications, working to ensure that all information is disposed of securely.

What are the Benefits of an Office Shredder?

Tired of handing your money over to large shredding companies? With Image Technology, your business doesn’t have to! By reducing your paper amounts consistently throughout the year, your business will not only cut costs but unlock a multitude of other advantages, including:

  • Variety of Cuts: Whether you require cross-cut or straight cut, our heavy duty business shredders are available in a variety of options to ensure your customers' and business's pertinent information is discarded safely and securely.

  • Reduce Paper: With the right shredders in your office, you have the ability to remove unnecessary paper, images, documents, and more throughout the year. By not outsourcing your shredding, you reduce the amount of paper in your office and protect yourself and your customers from potential data breaches.

  • Scan to Shred: With the right fleet of equipment, your office has the ability to be more efficient. Once you have scanned documents into your system, you can immediately shred the physical copy, keeping your office cleaner, less cluttered, and more secure.

  • And More

At Image Technology, our experienced teams analyze your office needs and recommend the right shredders for your job specifications. This ensures you have the right cut, size, and amount of office shredders available to keep your and your customers' valuable information safe and secure.

The right office shredder reduces the paper in your office, effectively destroys unwanted documents, and protects secure information from data breaches. Request a free consultation with our experts today!

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