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Is your business equipped with the tools needed to survive a cyber-attack? The world is becoming more technologically advanced, which means the risk of cyber-attacks is inevitably increasing. For businesses, it is no longer a question of if a cyber-attack will happen but rather when.

Cybersecurity breaches, from spyware to malware to spear phishing, have become one of the biggest threats to the existence of any business; one errant click can spell disaster. At Image Technology, our best-in-class cybersecurity services are your best line of defense for preventing attacks.

Should My Business Invest In Cybersecurity Services?

The unfortunate truth is that 60% to 80% of businesses that get hit with ransomware fail within six months. When it comes to cyber-attacks, once the fire starts, it is ultimately too late to put it out. At Image Technology, we take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, working to prevent any fires before they happen. To aid our mission, we provide our clients with a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to safeguard their businesses, including:

  • NIST Compliance Consulting

  • Password Security

  • Antivirus

  • Anti-Malware

  • Firewall Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • And More

Our AI Cybersecurity Tools

Viruses travel from host to host, going undetected until they have replicated throughout your business’s entire system. Our AI-based cybersecurity tools proactively monitor the way your technology is responding and acting, working to resolve any issues before a virus has the chance to embed in any other part of your IT infrastructure.

Does your business already have cybersecurity tools in place? As your business grows, so does your risk of a cyber-attack. Our experts will perform quarterly business reviews to make any recommendations that will strengthen your cyber-defense. As a result, you will rest assured your critical business data is being monitored, taken care of, and in safe hands.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We’ll work harder to protect IT. Ensure your computer systems, networks, and servers remain safe and secure with our proactive cybersecurity services. Request a free consultation with our experts at Image Technology today for more information.

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