For over 20 years, Papercut has made industry-leading print management software that empowers businesses and saves trees one piece of paper at a time. In other words, they are committed to helping organizations across a diverse range of industries reduce paper usage inside the office.

Is your business looking for a software partner that creates smart software solutions for printers? Papercut is your perfect solution. With self-hosted options or cloud solutions, your company is able to find an option that fits the exact needs of your unique business.

PaperCut's core purpose is to track all printing within your network environment. By keeping a detailed print log for all using printer activity, you can easily understand printing at a specific level, whether it’s by user, printer, group, department, office, or shared account.

Efficiency is key when it comes to PaperCut. The printer level tracking feature allows business to:

  • Compare and analyze printer usage
  • See which printers are most utilized
  • View detailed logs of each printer
  • And more

At Image Technology, we are proud to partner with PaperCut, helping businesses promote a more productive work environment, cut cost, and save trees! Our expert technicians will work with you to uncover the best PaperCut solutions for the unique needs of your business. Request a free consultation today!

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