Printer Roller Repairs

From heat rollers to transport rollers to feed rollers, in order for your printer to effectively move paper throughout the system, each roller has to be in perfect working condition. When one malfunctions, you may experience paper jams, mis-cues, or crooked copies. At Image Business Solutions, our experienced technicians have the skills and the expertise to quickly repair or replace your printer's rollers to ensure your are able to work efficiently.

Roller Repair Services

When your equipment is not working properly, it's essential that you have an immediate repair solution to minimize the disruption to your day to day operations. Our roller repair technicians are designed to analyze, diagnose, and repair your printers and MFPs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our services include:

  • Initial Service Call: We begin repairing your printer rollers during your initial phone call. Our experienced phone technicians will provide solutions over the phone to immediately get your printer back up and running.
  • Remote Troubleshooting & Repair: If your repair requires additional assistance, we have the ability to remote into your machine directly from our office. This gets your office back up and running quicker and reduces the time lost waiting on a scheduled technician.
  • Scheduled On-Site Repair: If your roller needs to be physically repaired or replaced, we schedule an on-site repair with one of our experienced technicians. Once on-site, we will determine the cause of your malfunction and determine the best solution for your machine

In order for your printer to function properly, your rollers need to be working at peak performance. If you are experiencing paper jams, crooked copies, or more, it could be an issue with one of your rollers. Our team of professionals is backed by years of experience and industry knowledge, insuring your issues are properly diagnosed and repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your contract includes our free loaner guarantee and lifetime service agreement, your roller repair is covered for the lifetime of your contract.

Keep your printer operating at peak performance with printer roller repair services from Image Business Solutions. Call or contact us today to schedule.