Paper Tray Repair

It's essential to have a properly functioning printer in your office to ensure you can complete your day to day operations. Paper jams, crooked copies, and more reduce efficiencies, waste paper, and cause delays to your tasks. At Image Business Solutions, we understand the importance of your equipment and have the skills and the expertise to properly diagnose and repair your paper tray malfunctions.

If your paper trays are misfiring or malfunctioning, your printer is unable to properly receive the paper to complete your printing tasks. Our experienced teams of technicians provide you with fast, reliable repair services including:

  • Phone Support
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Onsite Service
  • And More

Common Paper Tray Repair Causes

  • Incorrectly Loaded Paper: Sometimes the problem is simple. When the printer is not properly grabbing paper or paper is becoming jammed within the machine, it could be an error with the way the paper was initially loaded. Our teams will remove any obstructed paper within the printer and ensure each tray is properly loaded and supplied for use.
  • Lift Motor Malfunctions: When your lift motor stop working, your machine is not able to properly grab and move the paper from the tray. This can result in error messages, papers jams, and more. When you experience an issue with your lift motors, the experts technicians at Image Business Solutions will quickly clean, repair, or replace your motors to ensure you receive consistent results with every print and copy.
  • Worn Out Feed Rollers: Over time and with continued use, your feed rollers may become worn out and begin to breakdown. With our repair services, our teams replace your worn feed rollers, returning your equipment back to like-new condition.
  • Dirty Sensors: When your printer's sensors become dusty or dirty over time and continued use, it's imperative to have a professional properly clean and inspect, preventing further damage and ensuring your printer works up to the manufacturers' specifications.

By adding our lifetime service agreement and free loaner guarantee to your MFP contract, you have the peace of mind that your equipment will receive the proper paper tray care and service it needs for the lifetime of your contract.

Don't let paper jams stop your office from being productive. When your paper tray malfunctions, call or contact us today to schedule your repair.