Lifetime Service Agreement

At Image Business Solutions, we understand that heavily used and depended on equipment needs regular maintenance and service in order to continue working like new. With our lifetime service agreements, you receive the peace of mind that for as long as you own or lease your printers, scanners, fax machines, MFPs, and more they will continue to operate to the manufacturer's specifications.

Benefits of Our Lifetime Service Agreements

  • Unlimited Service Calls: From error codes to network connectivity issues to poor print quality, when your equipment is showing symptoms that it may need to be serviced or repaired, immediately call the number on your machine. With our lifetime service agreements you have unlimited access to our experienced repair team who will diagnose, repair, and service your equipment fast and efficiently.
  • Parts & Labor: Whether your equipment needs regular scheduled maintenance or has experienced a breakdown, throughout the life of your machine it will require updated parts and labor. With your service plan, you're covered for the entire duration you own or lease your equipment.
  • Adjustments: Our adjustments ensure your equipment continues to operate at peak performance. Whether we are completing minor adjustments in your machine or updating drivers, we ensure your equipment is up-to-date and efficiently operating throughout its lifetime.
  • Supplies: For your printer to continue to be effective, you need the right supplies. Through our lifetime service agreement, we cover everything except for paper and staples.
  • Software: We install, service, and manage any software you need to ensure your equipment is working the best for your office specifications. This includes software that will alert us when your supplies are low, automatically re-ordering to keep you stocked and efficient.

When paired with our free loaner guarantee, you can rest assured that your office will always have the printers and MFPs that you rely on, even if yours needs to be repaired. Our lifetime service agreement provides you with the peace of mind that your printers will operate at the manufacturer's specifications for the duration of their lifetime.

Keep your printer running like new for the lifetime of your unit with Image Business Solutions. Call or contact us today to add a lifetime service agreement to your printer rental.