Office Scanners

Take volume away from your printers, process more documentation, and work more efficiently with office scanners from Image Business Solutions. With an all-in-one printer or portable scanner on your employees' desks, they have the opportunity to work more productivity, scanning documents directly at their desks without having to utilize the MFP or leave their workstation. This portable device saves valuable time while increasing efficiency in your organization.

Office Scanner Capacities

  • Flat Beds: Scan photos, delicate documents, and more by placing them directly on the flat bed scanner, without risk of damage. Available as either network or USB connected, our team of experts helps you to determine the amount, size, and capacity of office scanners that will best meet your job specifications.
  • Sheetfed Scanners: Quickly and efficiently scan and process multiple documents through a sheetfed scanner directly on your desk. This gives you the power to process large quantity of papers, images, and more in seconds.
  • USB Connected Scanners: All our scanners are available as a USB connected option. This allows you to have a direct connection to your office scanner for fast, dependable document processing without the need to be connected to a wireless network.
  • Network Connected: With a network connected scanner, you have the ability to connect to your scanner from anywhere in the office through a safe and secured network. This cord-free option allows you to utilize your scanner without the need to be connected directly to your computer.

Scanners give you the ability to import, save, and share documents, images, and more quickly and securely. These small, compact devices allow you to work directly from your desk, save you valuable time and increase efficiency. At Image Business Solutions, we work with you to help you determine the right type of office scanners that will work best for your capacity.

Increase productivity and import documents right from your workspace with office scanners from Image Business Solutions. Call or contact us today for more information.