Office Printer Folders

Increase your business's efficiencies and improve your workflow with folders on your multifunction printer. Create individual folders for each of your employees to save, print, and retrieve documents in order to maximize performance, reduce paper waste, and improve security.

Benefit to Office Printer Folders

  • Reduce Waste: With documents stored directly to your folders, you can print only the amount of documents you need. This allows you to reduce the amount of stored paper documents in the office, eliminate wasted paper, and quickly print duplicates as needed.
  • Keep Documents Secure: When your employees print to their folders instead of the printer, sensitive documents are not sitting on the paper tray for anyone to view or retrieve. Once at the printer, you can release the documents to be printed from your folder.
  • Digital Document Management: The folder system on your MFP gives you the ability to create a digital filing cabinet, scanning and saving documents to their file directly on the printer. This gives you the ability to have a secure location for all your important information that is easily shared, searched, and printed from anywhere in the office.
  • And More

Create an improved digital workflow with folders for your multifunction printer. Our team of technicians will help create and setup your printer folders to best meet the needs of your business, employees, and customers. With a folder system in place on your MFP, you will enhance your company's efficiency and improve security for your documents.

Office printer folders help your business to create a more efficient workspace. Call or contact us today for more information.