Image Business Solutions’ high volume and high capacity multifunction printers are built to withstand the largest of offices and data centers. When you need reliability and top performance, but still want an easy-to-use design, our 60 PPM printers are perfect for the job. They feature document management systems so that all your employees have access to documents electronically. This helps increase collaboration and productivity within your workplace.

Color or B&W
MX-M1054 Black & White
MX-M1055 Black & White
MX-M1204 Black & White
MX-M1205 Black & White
MX-M6050 Black & White
MX-M6070 Black & White
MX-M654N Black & White
MX-M6570 Black & White
MX-M754N Black & White
MX-M7570 Black & White
MX-M904 Black & White
MX-6050N Color
MX-6240N Color
MX-6580N Color
MX-7040N Color
MX-8090N Color