Image Business Solutions’ multifunction 30 PPM printers feature exceptional ease of use, and reliable, advanced functions that are ideal for a small-to-medium sized business. With their crisp interface and document management systems, these printers can be easily navigated by everyone in your office. These multifunctional units have the ability to store documents, create individual emails, and print on-demand, improving your data security and your office efficiency.

Color or B&W
MX-B350P Black & White
MX-B350W Black & White
MX-B355W Black & White
MX-M3050 Black & White
MX-M3051 Black & White
MX-M3071 Black & White
MX-M314N Black & White
MX-M316N Black & White
MX-M3550 Black & White
MX-M3551 Black & White
MX-M356N Black & White
MX-M3570 Black & White
MX-M3571 Black & White
MX-3050N Color
MX-3051 Color
MX-3070N Color
MX-3071 Color
MX-3115N Color
MX-3116N Color
MX-3550N Color
MX-3551 Color
MX-3570N Color
MX-3571 Color
MX-3610N Color
MX-C301W Color
MX-C303W Color
MX-C304W Color
MX-C312 Color