Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)

Sharp OSA is a development platform that allows third-party software developers to customise Sharp MFPs for integration with critical network applications. Sharp OSA transforms a Sharp MFP into an integrated gateway to business applications, offering a new realm of control and convenience.

Now tasks can be started and finished in one simple operation right from the LCD control panel and document workflow can be managed more easily and securely. Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs offer tighter integration with network security and cost-accounting applications for effortless access control and usage tracking.

The latest version of Sharp OSA can reach beyond the firewall, enabling extensive system construction and services over the Internet. Sharp OSA brings benefits such as reducing the costs associated with system implementation and management, as well as enabling data sharing across company branch offices or subsidiaries—effectively enhancing total business efficiency.

Sharp OSA has two Soft Key Modules that extend the functionality of the MFP.

Application Communication Module

The Application Communication Module lets you work directly from your MFP with any application and any information that’s networked to your servers. With the Application Communication Module, you can create customized, easy-to-navigate user interfaces—a control panel screen and operation workflow—for each application according to the particular features of that application. The Application Communication Module allows remote applications to take control of your MFP to create, configure, and execute scanning and printing jobs. And the Application Communication Module can be used, for example, to scan documents directly into your customer database or to search for and retrieve documents across the network for immediate print out. By integrating your MFP with your existing business applications, the Application Communication Module reduces costs, improves productivity, and streamlines the flow of information.

External Account Module

The External Account Module reduces costs and improves document security by letting you track and control access to your MFP from an external system via the network. With the External Account Module, usage statistics can be reported back to the external server, making it easy to break down costs by individual or workgroup. The External Account Module also lets you control precisely who has access to the different features of your MFP. The use of colour, for example, can be restricted to certain authorized individuals or workgroups.

Sharp OSA Advantages at a Glance

  • Software is installed on the server—not the MFP—for optimal MFP performance
  • Allows for centralised management and maintenance
  • For authorisation and accounting applications, user profiles (including permissions and bill back info) are accessible from any MFP a user logs in to
  • Easy-to-program Web services and Microsoft®.NET reduce the time and cost involved in developing applications







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