While smooth document workflow is clearly a boon to office productivity, achieving it can be both costly and time consuming. Sharp’s advanced MFP features and original software applications boost document workflow and facilitate the cost-effective utilisation of digital data by making it easy to organise, store, access, and share documents on the hard disk.

Document Mangement on the Hard Disk

Document Filing allows processed data to be saved in designated folders on the MFP’s hard disk, where they can be instantly recalled for printing and sending at a later time.




Easy Access to Stored Files

Easy Access to Stored Files Documents stored on the hard disk can be quickly and easily searched and accessed from the control panel’s LCD via thumbnail displays and file previews or through a Web browser.



File Combining

For more effective data utilization, two files saved on the MFP’s hard disk can be easily combined into one file.




Sharpdesk for Total Document Management

Sharpdesk is an original Sharp application that provides integrated desktop management of documents in over 200 file formats, including scanned paper-based documents and those created with popular applications such as Word. With Sharpdesk, documents can be organised, edited, searched, and distributed with simple drag-and-drop operation.



  • Intuitive desktop display features thumbnail viewing
  • Sharpdesk Imaging provides annotation tools for paper-free proofreading
  • Sharpdesk Composer combines different types of files into a single document
  • Optical character recognition converts documents into editable text files
  • Output zone distributes files to e-mail, printers, and other applications



Easy Sharing of Application Files

To facilitate file sharing across the office network, Sharp MFPs provide hard disk storage space for folders. Each folder can hold files created with applications such as Word and Excel® and saved in their original format. Note: It is advisable to back up data saved to the MFP’s hard disk.




If your organization requires more advanced or robust Document Management Solutions, we offer many other options with Sharp OSA Technology Call and speak to a Sales Rep today.




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