so your moving to or setting up scan to email using Office 365 and its not working? Below are the standard settings that should be used for setting it up on a Sharp MFP.

Enter the settings as below.

Primary Server: SMTP.OFFICE365.COM
Port Number: 587
Sender Name: Name associated to the valid Office 365 account you are going to use Sender Address:
Enable SSL: Enabled (Ticked)
SMTP Authentication: Enabled (Ticked)
User Name:   <== scanning email address usually
Password:     <== password for this email address

Run a connection test on the Sharp web interface and confirm the result is successful.

You are now ready to scan using Office 365.

When scanning to Microsoft Office 365 the Reply E-mail Address should be enclosed in angle (< >) brackets.
The Replay E-mail Address can be changed using the following steps:
1. Log in to the machine’s Web interface as the Administrator.
2. Select System Settings
3. Choose Image Send
4. Then select Scan Settings
5. Under the Scan Settings Tab enter the Reply E-Mail Address with angle brackets. Example: <> .

also, keep in mind to set the default password to never expire, etc. or you will be logging into the Sharp MFP every 90 days to change that password. It is possible to setup a true relay with Office 365 so that it will allow any communications etc. but obviously that would be our absolute last resort.

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